Why choose WordPress as your CMS?

In the world of content management systems (CMSs), WordPress has a gargantuan market share. You’ve probably come across some of the stats before, but let’s just remind ourselves.  According to WordPress themselves, 37% of all existing websites were built using the platform. So, more than a third of the entire web was made in WordPress. […]

How to tell you need a new website

How to tell when you a new website

Almost every business has a website nowadays, because having an online presence is essential. For starters, it widens your reach among your target audience, and it helps you stay abreast of your competitors – and that’s just for starters. But just having a website isn’t enough. You need a high-performing, good-looking website that meets the […]

How to design your website with SEO in mind

How to design your website with SEO in mind

Most companies want their websites to rank well and be visible within search engines, because it’s good for business. It puts you in front of more potential customers/clients, and it increases your chances of making sales, regardless of what sector you’re in. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial to making sure that your website is […]

How to become a freelance web designer

Freelance Web Designer Manchester

Knowing what goes into becoming a freelance web designer is key if you’re going to make it in the industry – here’s a look at where you should start!

Freelance Web Design Manchester

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