The Northern Web’s 5 Step Web Development Process

Graphic Design in Manchester by The Northern Web

Our website design process allows us to complete work efficiently and correctly. We break our design process into 5 different phases:

Phase 1: Introduction & Workshop

To kick off the project, we hold our first meeting to discuss your requirements and aim of the website, building an action plan. Expect this first meeting to last 1 to 3 hours, in which time we shall brainstorm your ideas, take a look at the competition, figure out what you like, don’t like and want to achieve with your Website!

Phase 2: Content & Wire-framing

A skeleton document is provided for you to complete which supplies us with all the content we require to build into the website. While you complete the document, we work on wire-framing and design.

Our design process is passed over to you in multiple different stages, beginning with concepts and mood boards and ending with full Photoshop mockups of what we envision the site to look like in its final form.

You are more than welcome to come into the office at any point to see how the team is progressing, in-fact, we encourage it!

Phase 3: Development & Prototype

Once content is submitted and the design finalised, we begin the build of the website. This includes designing layouts for all pages, implementing copy, imagery & branding.

The development process can be a quiet time as we build your website from the ground up, adding in all necessary functionality and making sure it works as it should!

Phase 4: Polish & Compatibility

When the initial prototype is complete and you are happy, we begin to polish the website, tweaking on page performance, adding google analytics, formatting for mobile and polishing core functionality.

We also test compatibility across multiple different web browsers and mobile phone making sure that your website looks as good as it should, no matter what device it’s viewed on!

Phase 5: Fine Tune & Launch

Once you are happy with the final result, we launch! But it’s not over there… We are on hand for 30 days while you learn how to use your website, or need assistance with any issues you may encounter.

That wraps up our 5 stage development process. Why not get in touch and kick off your business with the right website!

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