Web Design Companies Manchester: Why Hiring a Freelancer Might Be the Better Option


As businesses in Manchester look to establish a strong online presence, choosing the right web designer becomes a crucial decision. Both web design companies and freelancers offer services to meet this need, but each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will explore why hiring a freelance web designer like The Northern Web might be the better option for your business.

The Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer


Lower overhead costs

Freelance web designers usually work from home or in shared office spaces, resulting in lower overhead costs. These savings are often passed on to their clients, making freelancers more cost-effective than web design companies.

Flexible pricing options

Freelancers typically offer a variety of pricing options, including hourly rates, fixed-price packages, and project-based fees. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the best pricing model for their specific needs.

Personalized attention

Direct communication with the designer

When working with a freelancer like The Northern Web, you communicate directly with the person responsible for your website’s design and development. This ensures a clear understanding of your requirements and enables faster decision-making.

More tailored services

Freelancers often work on a smaller scale, allowing them to provide more personalized services. At The Northern Web, Dan tailors each project to the client’s needs, offering a variety of specialized services such as eCommerce website design, property website design, lead generation website design, and hosting management.

Faster project turnaround

Streamlined processes

Freelancers tend to have a more streamlined workflow, enabling them to complete projects faster. Dan, for example, is in charge of website planning, design, and development, from writing scopes and design documents to build a wide variety of websites.

Greater flexibility in scheduling

Freelance web designers usually have more flexibility in their schedules, which can lead to faster project turnaround times. If you need a project completed urgently, a freelancer like The Northern Web may be able to accommodate your timeline better than a larger web design company.

Potential Limitations of Web Design Companies

Higher costs

Overhead expenses
Web design companies often have higher overhead costs due to larger office spaces, staff salaries, and other expenses. These additional costs can result in higher fees for clients.

Possible additional charges for extra services
Web design companies may charge extra for services not included in their standard packages, which can quickly increase the overall cost of your project.

Less personalized service

Dealing with multiple team members
Working with a web design company can sometimes feel impersonal, as you may have to communicate with multiple team members, leading to potential misunderstandings and delays.

Standardized processes and design templates
Web design companies may use standardized processes and design templates to save time and resources. While this can be efficient, it may also result in less creativity and customization for your website.

Slower project completion

Longer decision-making processes
With multiple team members involved, web design companies may take longer to make decisions and complete projects.

Possible delays due to multiple projects
Web design companies often handle multiple projects simultaneously, which can lead to delays if resources are stretched too thin.

Finding the Right Freelance Web Designer in Manchester

Tips for searching and selecting a freelancer

Check online portfolios
Review the freelancer’s online portfolio to evaluate their skills, experience, and design style. The Northern Web showcases a range of previous projects on their “Our Work” page, allowing potential clients to assess the quality of their work.

Read client testimonials and reviews
Client testimonials and reviews can provide valuable insights into the freelancer’s reliability, professionalism, and customer service. Look for reviews on the freelancer’s website or third-party review platforms.

Seek recommendations from your network
Ask colleagues, friends, or family members if they have worked with a reliable freelance web designer in Manchester. Personal recommendations can help you find a trustworthy professional with a proven track record.

Important factors to consider when hiring

Relevant experience and skills
Ensure the freelancer has experience in creating websites similar to yours, especially in terms of complexity, industry, and functionality. Check if they are proficient in using WordPress, the platform you intend to use for your website.

Communication style
Effective communication is essential for a successful collaboration. Choose a freelancer who communicates clearly and is responsive to your inquiries.

Budget and project timeline
Determine your budget and project timeline, and ensure the freelancer can meet your requirements within these constraints.


While both web design companies and freelance web designers have their merits, hiring a freelancer like The Northern Web may be the better option for businesses in Manchester. Freelancers offer cost-effective solutions, personalized attention, and faster project turnaround times, making them a suitable choice for businesses seeking a more tailored and efficient approach to web design.

With The Northern Web, you can expect a dedicated, personalized service from a talented freelance web designer, helping you create a unique and effective online presence for your business. Visit the following links to learn more about The Northern Web’s specialized services:

Choose a freelance web designer like The Northern Web for a more cost-effective, tailored, and efficient web design experience that meets the unique needs of your business.

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