Why a Web Designer Should be your Next Hire

Why a Web Designer Should be your Next Hire

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Web Designer Over Using an Agency to Develop Your Business Website?

There are many benefits to hiring a professional web designer for your business’ website. Designing and developing a website requires a lot of time and skills to keep things looking and running smoothly. 

Businesses should prioritise hiring a web designer for this task, as the planning and research skills that they bring to the table will not only promote business growth, but also give you the insights and data required to take action with your long term growth strategies.

Here are some of the reasons why a web designer should be your next hire.

Why is hiring a web designer so important?

When it comes to creating your brand, having a professional, simple to navigate website is an essential way of ensuring you stand out from the crowd. Having a website design that is unique to your business will represent the image you wish to create for your customers.

They Help with Business Strategy

One of the biggest reasons a web designer is an important hire is that they bring with them the knowledge and experience to create a strategy. Web designers will help you to focus your core business model in addition to your future business goals- which creates a strong foundation for the branding, and therefore overall success of your business long term. 

With most of the world online now, and many people seeking to make their purchases online, to look for answers to their queries, and to get the latest information. In order to be successful in business, a website should be treated as an essential business marketing tool.

They Have Access to High-Quality Web-Design Tools

Many transactions are now happening directly online. As a result of this change in consumer culture, your website should be of high quality and create a lasting good impression of your business. 

If you’ve ever tried to create your own website, you will know that even having access to design templates, this can be an incredibly tricky task to get right. 

Successful websites that provide a good user experience will need to have specific codes, plugins, headers, and images. All of which are expert areas for an experienced professional web designer. 

A good web designer should develop a website that is attractive and dynamic as well as being results-driven. New technology allows for constant developments in website design- even more so than websites created as few as two years ago.

They Can Help to Create Responsive and Reliable Web Design

A huge percentage of Internet users use tablets and smartphones to access information online. Therefore, it is highly important that web design is compatible with the latest in mobile technology. 

With mobile search traffic on a steady incline every month, not doing this could potentially cost your business big. If your website is not mobile-user friendly, consumers are likely to tap off and look elsewhere. 

A self-designed website will bring many factors that can go wrong which can be costly and time-consuming to fix. Using a dedicated web designer from the start could potentially save thousands in preventing offline time, by ensuring your website is safe from errors and crashes.

In addition, potential and returning customers will see the elements of a non-bespoke website from a mile off, so enlisting specialist support will give your company the edge over the competition, too.

How do you know what you need?

To deliver an effective website, a good web designer will have up to the minute market knowledge of today’s digital market, as well as experience in code, copywriting, and search engine optimisation specialisms. 

This is in addition to having the knowledge and creative eye to build an aesthetically pleasing website for effective ‘click-through’ rates, as well as ensuring a smooth business process through websites and social platforms.

Faster Websites

A website that is slower to load will lose visitors as well as the search engine results which could cost potential business– which is not something that should be a part of anybody’s business plan. 

Professional web designers will work to create a website with various integrated features and plugins which will provide enhanced speed and security. How these websites use code will impact on its performance overall and will mean the difference between a slow to load, clunky website, and one with excellent user experience.

Design and Aesthetics

If you want your business to have a reputation for quality, this all starts from your website.  This means that design and aesthetics play an important role in the overall success of your business. 

Take a look at larger companies such as Apple computers to know that investing in quality bespoke design for a website is much more useful than using a premade template that was found online. 

Your web designer will work with you to create the engaging website you need, that has the heart of your business in mind when it is made.

Building a Good Customer Base

Good web designers will be able to make websites look trustworthy through the use of images and text. 

This helps website visitors know that a business is trustworthy and human- which is an essential aspect of creating a solid customer base. 

A vital part of this is by utilising good design with relevant and up to date information while maintaining a professional image.

Web Design and SEO services

Websites should be optimised so they can be visible from search engines. It’s no good creating a visually appealing website with up to the second features if users cannot find you to start with. 

While there may be a small amount of website traffic from users manually typing your website URL directly into their search bar, how you find new customers is even more important. 

When potential customers search for something online, some websites will appear on the first search engine results page, while others appear later. 

SEO is an excellent solution to this problem as an optimised website will help your website appear on the first page and therefore stand out from the competition. 

A professional web designer will be highly skilled in optimising your site and deepening audience engagement.

Get In Touch

Your next step should be speaking to a web designer to both outline your requirements, and get to know the process a little better. At The Northern Web, we’re more than happy to have a chat, no matter the stage you’re currently at when it comes to web design.

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