Why Is Web Design Important For Businesses?

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When you’re in the process of launching your business online, you need to consider how your site will look and feel for your target audience. With more and more web development platforms that enable business owners to build their presence in a few clicks, choosing a freelance web designer can seem unnecessary. 

But don’t be fooled by the intuitive and easy-to-use platforms. While they are a practical tool to set up a website, they don’t replace the expertise of a professional designer. Your web design is your brand image online. Therefore, it’s worth asking yourself how confident you are in your DIY design skills (and for the sake of your brand, be honest with yourself!). 

When you’re working on a tight budget, you may be wondering how to keep your expenses low. Deciding on a web designer versus a full agency can do just the trick while promoting your online presence, and ensuring that you make the right decision for your business. But it’s not just price to consider. Let’s look at some further points below on why choosing the right web design partner, for the right reasons, is crucial in the development of your online presence.

Keeping your visual branding consistent

DIY web development platforms are useful. But the scope of templates available creates a similar look and feel across all their websites. As a result, choosing a freelance web designer can ensure you can maintain your branding display across all media. 

With hundreds of websites competing for the same target audience, you can’t afford to build a site that blends into the crowd. Working with a web designer offers the advantage of protecting your unique brand visuals and personality.

Keeping up with the competition

In the business world, you can’t afford to give your competition the advantage. Therefore, it’s indispensable for the survival of your company to be exactly where your competitors are, and that includes the digital sphere. 

While a local brick-and-mortar shop only needs to worry about competing against other local businesses, things are different online. Your small business site will be up against global brands. As such, your web design can make a big difference in creating a trustworthy presence against the big players.

Being there where the purchase journey starts

Did you know that your website is the preferred platform for acquiring new customers and welcoming returning buyers? The majority of your customers begin their purchase journeys online. Therefore, your website acts as a window display that presents your products and services. 

On a small budget, the challenge is deciding on a web designer versus a full agency. A full agency service can be less cost and time-effective when your primary objective is to get a functional web design that takes visitors through the conversion journey. You can get the same service when you’re choosing a freelance web designer, which means your site is up and running in a short time!

Reaching out beyond your local community

Why should your small business only appeal to a local audience? With an attractive website, you can reach out to national or even international customers without breaking the bank. When you’re choosing a web design partner, it’s important you find a team (or individual) who understand not only how to build a visually pleasing display but also how to make sure search engines index your website. 

Web design provides your business with a digital presence and personality. With over a billion active websites, it would be foolish to skip on the only digital marketing tool that can make your site stand out from the crowd. 

If you’re stuck on where to start when it comes to web design, I can help. At The Northern Web, I help businesses of all sizes to transform their brand, and bring their digital properties into the modern age! 

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